Today, I jumped.

I jumped completely off the cliff.

And now, watching and waiting for the chips to fall, I must keep my wings open, trusting with every bone in my body that God is going to carry me through upon the air that He put beneath me. Continue reading “Today”

When the water recedes…

img_4302Coco and I stopped at the park today after she got her nails clipped at the vet.  She absolutely loves to go walking–something I rather dislike.  However, she is always up for the ride and she is so patient having a stubborn mama like me.  So, I figured we would stop by the park near her vet and do a lap around the “lake”–pond is probably a better word.  It’s about a mile around, I think.


It was my  kind of day out, too!  Perfectly overcast and cool, as the clouds had yet to dissipate from the rain overnight. I’m not going to lie–it’s the first time that together we had been to this area of the park and walked around it.  I don’t know the history of the *ahem*, pond.  Maybe in it’s prime, it used to be a lake.  It is fed from the city streets that drain here.  In years’ past, we used to have more rain than of late.  Like many, many years ago. Continue reading “When the water recedes…”

The day Jesus spoke to me for the first time

Thinking back on the day that I heard Jesus speak to me for the very first time. Why some things, though they seem that they should be so obvious, aren’t even clear until years after the fact? Crazy…I remember talking to my oldest niece a few weeks before I gave my heart to Christ. I remember very distinctly thinking “wow, what it would be like to be so innocent and to be able to hear the voice of God”. I yearned for that in that moment of conversation with her–to be young again and pure and innocent.   Continue reading “The day Jesus spoke to me for the first time”

No Other God


We are so undeserving, but yet so grateful that we can come to You with our fears, our frustrations, our doubts, our anxieties and our hesitations–our anger, even.  Sometimes we are even angry with You, and we pour out our anger on You.  And yet, as our Father who intimately loves His children, You pick us up, and you speak to us and reassure us of Your heart–which is unchanging for us.  Your love, which is unending. Continue reading “No Other God”

“Remove the Stone”


John 11:38-44

Before this section of Scripture, Mary and Martha had sent word to Jesus, asking Him to come and heal Lazarus from his sickness.  But Lazarus died before Jesus got to him.  It was all a part of the plan, though!  When Jesus came to the town of Bethany and met with Martha and Mary, who were overcome with grief, He wept.   Continue reading ““Remove the Stone””

Stones of Rembrance

Just like Joshua’s generation, we need to remember where we came from, where Christ brought us out of.  We need to remind ourselves of how good God is.  Build a monument to God in your heart, but do something tangible too, so that You can look back and say “Yeah, God was faithful then—I know He will be faithful again. And then, you can turn and keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead, and wait expectantly for Him to show up in the midst of your darkness. Continue reading “Stones of Rembrance”

Darkness vs Light

Do I get it right every day? No.  There are days that I am stuck in my own world, feeling isolated and depressed and alone.  These are the days that I prefer no one to speak to me.  These are the days that I prefer to be in my dark corner of the world, rather than let the Light in and let Him shine.  Sometimes these days turn into weeks.  Sometimes they turn into months.  And they have before, turned into years.  Continue reading “Darkness vs Light”


It’s Independence Day weekend.  And all I can think about is how many people are out celebrating the 4th, with no clue of what true Independence genuinely feels like?  As we celebrate the freedom that we have in this country, I can’t help but think of the freedom that I have found in Christ Jesus.

For many years, I was locked in a world no one knew about. I was depressed and felt very alone.  I knew that something within me didn’t feel normal or right.  Everyone else seemed to have no trouble smiling or being happy about anything.  Yet, I was constantly told to stop scowling and to smile.  I hated family picture time, or even picture day at school, because I would have to force a smile that I didn’t genuinely feel inside.  No one understood that I was miserable inside.

Continue reading “Freedom”