Encouraging my soul

These videos have been encouraging / beneficial in my life in the past week. I felt like making a post since I hadn’t done one in awhile.

The Keys/Doors video is one that I found a LOT of freedom in last weekend, upon praying the prayer at the end. I have felt like a brand new person ever since listening to it and praying that prayer.

I feel like the question of my eternal security has finally settled down deep in my soul (finally passed from the mind down to my heart).

Money can’t buy that kind of peace. Talking to Abba Father this evening, I asked why it took me 8 years to finally come to that realization that He was and always has been with me. I didn’t really know if He’d answer me, but I seem to have gotten two answers in my spirit:

1) lack of faith and I didn’t pray for faith, even though it is a gift of God. I just felt like I had to figure it out/muster it up on my own;

2) He let me finally come to that deep rooted conviction down deep in my soul now because of these perilous times about to come, and He knows that after being distant for that long, and now that I’ve finally come to that deep settling in my soul, I won’t doubt His presence when I start going through the trying times ahead. (Like my “big sister” says, “when you know that you know that you know”.)

Coping with crisis – The pastor is talking about God being with us as we go through the problem- He doesn’t always take us out of the problem but He does promise to go through it with us. (Ark, Babylonian exile) .. I was telling Jesus right before I got to this part of the video that “I’m here ________, and I need to be way over here ________ on the other side of this huge gap, and I have been trying to figure it how to get there in my flesh, and that’s why I have been spinning around and around, unsure what direction to go in.” I told Him now I realize I had had a lack of faith that He would give me the tools to get from one side to the other. That He would guide me in every step of the way. I confessed these things to Him and asked forgiveness for my lack of faith and trust in Him alone.

That’s when He answered my above question in my spirit. Why it had taken 8 years for me to finally “get” that He was/is/and will be here, forever. Forever. Forever.

Because, had He let me instantly regain my faith, and realize years ago that He was surely there all along, I would have taken His presence for granted, and at times, I might be tempted to doubt once again that He was there (when I needed Him most) and been fearful that the few experiences I’ve had where I felt Him near over the years since my fiery trial was all just a figment of my imagination.

But He allowed it to last that long so that I would know without a doubt now —- even during the Red Sea Moments —- that He would still be right there beside me.

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