Indescribable Jesus

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the love of Jesus that all you wish to do is to be next to Him, even if it meant forsaking life itself? If it meant giving up relationships and material possessions just to be in His presence, you would, because compared to His great Love, nothing else could ever compare. Ever. Let me say it again- EVER.

Have you felt that kind of love before, washing over you so completely that He cleanses every crevice of sin hiding in your life? In that space, every hidden place is laid open and bare, cleansed by His blood.

How long has it been since you’ve felt such an outpouring of His love that you were overwhelmed like that? Do you miss it?

Return to Him. You’re only “One Step Away” as Casting Crowns sings.

Just stop.

Turn around.

Remember from where you have fallen.

Ask Him to help you come back. Because in this space, it’s so hard to make that decision. It’s in this space that our hearts wish to go one way, even though we have experienced and know the Truth. Our hearts which are desperately wicked pull us deeper and deeper into the pit, following our desires that are in opposition to Him.

But that faint cry in our spirit calls out inside us. We wake up early in the morning, our spirits crying out for Jesus to grab hold of us and pull us close again. But our hearts are attuned to the flesh and we turn over and bury our head in the pillow.

But He doesn’t give up. Even when we deny Him, He cannot deny His Spirit that lives inside of us, that calls out to the Father for help. He pursues us, He follows us into the deepest pits that we have walked willingly into, and He waits for us to turn around and reach out to grab His hand.

In that space, our numbness takes over and our eyes search for Him in the darkness. Our hearts fail us and we are weak, but we know that the life we have been living isn’t bringing any joy to our bones. The sin we hide eats away at us and continually drains us. We know the Way out is Jesus, but we have gone so long in the wrong direction, how will we ever find out way back Home?

And then

We sink to our knees, finally succumbing to the desperation of our situation. Knowing that we need to get back Home to Jesus, but we don’t have the strength to even turn around to face Him.

That’s when He comes. He picks us up, and He carries us. He holds us close and points us in the direction we need to be walking. He brings us back to His Word, the lamp to our path. He speaks His Life into us again as He holds us close and sheds a tear or two that He has had another wandering sheep return.

All the while we thought he was likely angry at us for disobeying and going our own way. And yet, when we are back in His arms again, we realize for the thousandth time that no, He was right there, He was following us, never letting us out of His sight, and shedding a few tears along the way because we stubbornly weren’t listening to Him. We were trying to do it on our own and weren’t paying attention to the Spirit’s cries from within us that were calling out to Him to come and save us from ourselves.

When you’re tired of running, stop. Turn around, He is there waiting to lead you back Home again and fill you with His love so profound that you wonder why you ever left His side.

Impossible Things -Chris Tomlin

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