“Come, and you will see”

If you saw Jesus today walking down the street, would you chase after Him and ask Him where He was going?

He said “Come, and you will see.”

At that point, would you have said “oh thanks anyway, go ahead, I’ll stay here.”

Or, would you be so enamored with Him, drawn to Him–so desperate to be near Him, that you say in your heart ‘wherever He goes, I want to be with Him!’ And at that moment you count the cost of your reputation, your religion, your ideals, wishes and dreams that were going on in your own heart before He came on the scene.

Those around you might think you are crazy, but they are the furthest thing from your mind. All your can feel is the pounding in your heart, all you can hear is your own heart pulsating in your ears, all you can hear is your shaky voice as you unwaveringly accept His gracious offer.

Which would you have been a year, two years, even 40 years ago?

Which one would you be today?

It’s time to get reacquainted with the First True Love of your life–the Only One that really truly matters before all else.

If you’ve never known His great power and authority in your own life, there is no time like the present. Ask Jesus to show you the way. If you feel no desire or twinge of desire bubbling up in your own heart right now-start there.

Begin today asking for Him to help you love Him. Ask Him to help you know Him. Ask Him to change your heart, to give you a broken spirit and contrite heart so that you may truly know and follow Him.

If you want to know Him, do you know that without Him you are a sinner, and apart from Jesus you will not make it? Do you know that there is a Holy and Righteous Judge, God the Father–Jesus’ own Father–that has to pour out His punishment on all inequity, because He is just and He is true? And were you aware that God the Son–Jesus who is the Christ–came and paid that penalty for us?

There are no shifting shadows with our God-He is the absolute authority on right and wrong. There is no other.

Will you accept His invitation to “come” today? Come back from wherever you’ve been. Come into the arms of Jesus today. Allow Him to change you, to mold you, to shape you. Yes, there’s going to be some refining-and refining, though painful, makes you pure. He will finish the work that He began in you. Just ask Him to start–or ask Him to start again, and submit yourself into His mighty and holy and loving hands so that He can work on, in, and through you to mold you into a more perfect image of Himself.

There is no other way. He paid the ultimate price for you–He died so that you didn’t have to. He took upon Himself the sin of all who would repent and receive Life eternal from Him.

It’s the best, most wonderful decision I ever made, to surrender my heart to Him. Never, once someone becomes a Christian, do they think “I wish I’d never done that.” To outsiders the Christian life may seem boring and tiresome (it did to me). But when I received the Gift of His Salvation, my heart was satisfied, made pure and holy, cleansed and for all eternity, I was accepted by God. He set His seal upon me in the person of His Holy Spirit coming to live within me.

And though my life isn’t perfect, and I mess up and I get so far away from Him that I no longer am reflecting His image–there is always–always–always room at the foot of the Cross to come back, to repent, to be drawn near again. To be cleansed and made whole again. He will remove the stains of this world, the stains of the human desires that have tainted my heart, time and time again. And He will yours, too.

Jesus says “Come, and you will see.”

What is your heart saying in response?

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