Stones of Rembrance

Just like Joshua’s generation, we need to remember where we came from, where Christ brought us out of.  We need to remind ourselves of how good God is.  Build a monument to God in your heart, but do something tangible too, so that You can look back and say “Yeah, God was faithful then—I know He will be faithful again. And then, you can turn and keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead, and wait expectantly for Him to show up in the midst of your darkness.

I have a rock sitting on my desk, a token from a trip I took last year.  It was a trip to get away from the monotony of everyday life, spend the day outside, away from life, talking to God.  Every time I see it, I am reminded of how, even though I hadn’t been very faithful to Him before that, and had drifted so far from shore, He still met me in that quiet place.  He still spoke deeply to my heart that day.  He still called me His child and told me how much He loved me. Though it has sat here for months—well a year I guess now—here lately every time I see it, it’s different.  Something pulls and tugs on a special place in my heart, and I long for another day with my Father, away from this every day life.  I have been feeling the desperate need to just go be with Him again, away from everything.  To go and sit and soak in His presence.  I find it so incredible that God would choose to call to us, to beckon us to spend time with Him.  To know that the Creator of the Universe put His Spirit inside me to communicate with me on a personal, intimate level, it’s just too great to wrap my mind around.

That rock, every time I look at it, reminds me that even though I haven’t felt close to Him lately and although my spirit has been downcast and withdrawn from His presence, He is still there.  And He is drawing me, calling through my heart, to come near to Him.  I’m so grateful that He works in us and through us to accomplish His will.  Because if it were up to me, sometimes I don’t know what would happen.  My heart is naturally so stubborn and rebellious that I could go my own way for a long period of time.  But for His Spirit working within me, I would be adrift in a sea and not be able to find my way back to shore.

Keep a token of your precious intimate time with the Father near you, and let Him speak to you through that channel that is opened when you look at it and are reminded of His goodness.

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