Thirst Unquenchable

God, I thirst for You. I long for You to fill me. I need You to come to me and lift me higher than my dreams, higher than my circumstances. Father, I long to be with You. Holy Spirit, stir within my heart and draw me deep with You. I need You, I ache for You. I thirst for You. Like a deer panting for streams of water, my soul longs for You. My heart is unsettled, searching, longing, aching, thirsting, starving for more of You. Come and fill me, Lord!

Make my heart overflow with Your love, with Your presence—so tangible I can feel it. Demonstrate Your love for me in the depths of my soul. Oh Lord, how I need You!!!!

I feel You drawing near to me, I feel You overwhelming my heart with Your love. Oh, how I want more of You! I cannot get enough. I sit and rest, letting You fill my heart and overflowing me with Your grace. I ask for You to overwhelm my body, my mind, my heart with Your love. OH Jesus, how I long to be with You. I am overwhelmed by Your love and I can’t get enough. I can’t get enough.

Oh Jesus, how I long for Your touch, to see You face to face. My breath pants at the thought of facing You, down on my knees, tears falling upon Your feet as I kiss them. Oh Holy One of Israel, come to us like the rain, wash over us and make us anew. Please linger here with me, draw me deep into communion with You.

Oh Righteous Lamb, whose blood was spilled for me—how can I ask You, the Holy One, to come near? Oh but by the Spirit within, I dare to ask, I dare to draw near to You. OH Jesus how I need You. How I cannot stand to be apart from You. Come quickly and abide with me, make my soul swell with Your love. As I sit here in quiet reflection, I ponder the many ways in which You have been faithful to me—Oh Lord how I seek You, I want nothing more than to be one with You, walking in the path that You have laid out before me.

Oh Jesus, show Yourself to others the way that You have shown Yourself to me. Let the blind see, Lord, let the deaf hear. Open their hearts so that they understand who You are.

Open their minds so that they can understand their depravity on their own, and their need for Your compassionate Grace. Pour into me, Jesus, lavish me with the powerful stirring and anointing of Your Spirit. I need You, Lord! We need You! Bring a revival to our hearts, to our families, to our nations. Come to us like the rain and overwhelm us with Your presence.

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