My last day

What if we all lived today like it was our last? Would we tell those we love about the saving power of Jesus Christ? Would we show compassion where once our heart was hard? Would we be more gracious toward others who don’t believe and are blinded by Satan to believe that they must work their way to heaven? Would we be bold enough to share the Life-giving, Life-transforming work that Jesus did in our heart when He sealed us with His Holy Spirit? Would we share the love of Calvary, poured out on the cross for you and for me? -regardless of what people thought? -regardless of what consequences we might face? 

I think about this a LOT….like continually, constantly. And yet, most times my focus gets to be on the world around me and I lose sight of my great commission in this life–to share the freedom that Christ Jesus brings us- to share with those whose hearts have been hardened by their own religious practice or their own works mentalities. Or those who simply do not want to believe that a Love so great exists to free them from a life of sin and death.

But what if my life was gone tomorrow? Would those around me, that I see every day, those that I pass on the street or in the store–would they have experienced Christ working through me? Christ loving on them despite their flaws–like He did for me?

That’s a hard question to ask ourselves when we have been so self absorbed or just plain closed off about our relationship with Jesus. Once we were blind too–and someone was kind enough to share with us the redemptive love of Jesus Christ. How dare I withhold my knowledge of His great work within myself from those that need to hear it most!

Lord, help me to live the life that You have called me to live, boldly before others that don’t understand who You are.

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