Where is the boundary line? Where is the fence? When I go too far, who is going to reach out and pull me back?

Where has accountability gone?

Why do we think we are somehow all above God?

If I get lost in my own trenches, and can’t even see that I am in a trench, much less how to get back – who is going to rescue me?

What is the body of Christ for, if not to encourage and support and hold each other accountable?

Where has all the integrity gone?

Today it seems as if everyone is fending for themselves, lackadaisically, not caring about the righteousness of God or the holiness with which we should be living out our faith.

It’s ‘every man for himself’, and ‘don’t tell me what to do’.

It’s “Don’t tell me that I’m wrong, because I’m going down in the ditch a little further, and I dare you to stop me – or I will throw a tantrum and will pull you under the wheels of the next train that goes by.”

Where has true biblical community gone?

There used to be a saying – it takes a village to raise a child. But it’s the same for the Body of Christ. It takes a Body to nurture and grow and exhort and stand guard over those that we love, those in the Body with us. Our brothers. Our sisters.

It’s like a game of red rover-except it’s not a game. We stand united, arm in arm with our next brother and sister, and we keep those that are weak and are being tossed to and fro from breaking through God’s protective barriers, and tossing themselves out of fellowship with God. We stand guard  over them so that their faith may, in time, prove to be genuine.

We stand guard, to keep the enemy from penetrating the Body and damaging and destroying each other.

But where has this protection gone? Why does no one seem to care?

Now it is “leave me alone, I will do as I please!” “I will watch what I want, eat to my heart’s desire of all filth and garbage.” “I will take part in things that do not honor God”, “my body is mine and not the Lord’s.” and “I will not hear of anyone distracting me from the way I choose to live.”

Where has morality gone? When did our standards of righteousness disintegrate?

Who told us that we are anything in and of ourselves? “Go eat that fruit on that tree-you’ll be just like God”

Who convinced us that we do not have to live under God’s rule and authority?

How did the body of Christ become so profane?

I dare say that Jesus will come again soon. He will restore order once and for all. I dare say that he will be back to collect his followers soon.

But if we are not living according to the cross of Christ, do we even have assurance that we are going with Him?

Or are we so arrogant that we think nothing of his return?

Are we so bold that we dare him to come back, knowing full well in our hearts that we have not truly taken up our own cross to follow him?

Do we have melted statues that we worship? Or rather, maybe a flag or two? What is it that we are holding onto, not releasing, knowing full well that God has asked us to give it up? Maybe it’s ourselves..

Let us lay down our lives for the sake of Christ – and be willing to give up whatever he has asked.

And humbly come before him and ask him to restore order in our own individual hearts. Ask him to restore order within the Body. Ask him to restore order in his church.

And pray also for those who do not yet know Christ, that they may actually have the chance to come before him in deepest humility and surrender their lives to him, so that on the day he stands in the clouds and calls us home, they too are changed and come in the twinkling of an eye.

Come Lord Jesus, come! It’s grievious to see how far we have fallen from the days of our first True Love. Bring us back and revive our hearts again for your holiness and righteousness, let our minds and be conformed to the image of You, Christ Jesus. Help us, Lord, we are sinking fast. Help us to hold onto what is True.
Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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