IF:Gathering Experience Pt1

Love this summary of what IF GATHERING 2016 was like. I was trying to remember the lesson behind “leave your water jar” at the well (the story of the Samaritan woman) and through Google, I ran across this wonderful blog post that this beautiful sister in Christ has posted, highlighting a to of tidbits from 2016. If you missed it, I hope that you will catch it next year! (You can also download the entire season on the IF Gathering store page).



This is not your average selfie. This is not an attractive, posed, “oh look at me” selfie.

I’m not wearing make up or using a flattering filter. I am, however, freshly showered for the first time in more days than I care to share (#momlife).

The reason I’m sharing this picture is because I want your attention. I took this picture as I was brewing my first cup of coffee this morning – happy, joy filled and peace filled, still riding on my awesome Jesus high from the night before. And I’d like to share that experience with you. Because in this moment I was so excited!

This past weekend the IF:Gathering event took place. I was unfortunately unable to attend my local viewing, but the videos were up for streaming until 11:59pm Monday night.

Sunday came and went, but Monday I put my foot down. Could I cram 12+ hours…

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