In the day of Salvation, I helped you

Knowing that I was bound for an eternal fire, I cried out to a God who I didn’t know, and Jesus made Himself known to me. Knowing that my ways would not suffice, I cried out to the Lord and He changed me, proving to me that He was real, and He could be trusted.

I cried out in my anger and asked him “why?!” But Jesus told me, ‘I love you, and I can change you’.  

Having no other option, and knowing that without Him, I could not see eternal life, I counted the cost and laid my life down at the foot of His cross. I chose to accept the sacrifice He became for me, the gift He so freely gave to me, and I chose to follow Him the rest of my life, regardless of the cost to the only life I ever knew. 

If He was truly who others had said He was, and Whom so far He’d proven to me, that life had to be better than the darkness that overtook me. I couldn’t see beyond the horizon, but I knew I had to trust that if I jumped, He would catch me. 

That day, I gave Him control over my my will, my mind, my emotions, my thoughts, my attitudes, my actions… And He poured out His love deeply into my heart, turning this dead, cold heart into a heart that beat –for the very first time!

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