Freedom -true Freedom 

So, I’ve come to understand that when we are looking for something to make us feel better, whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, sex – any addiction of any kind – what we are truly looking for is:

1. to be able to release the burdens that are taking place inside of us, and

2. be able at the same time to find acceptance. Acceptance without limitation. That’s why we tend to gravitate toward those who participate in the same acts of addictions that we have found.

Because there is some level of acceptance to being with those who share in your struggle.

But let me say this: there is nothing more freeing, nothing more satisfying, and nothing more fulfilling, then having the love of God present in your heart, and being surrounded by a community that also has God present in their hearts. There is acceptance there, there is healing there, there is a freedom that cannot be explained in sharing each other’s burdens. 

There is nothing more fulfilling than the love of Christ pouring into your heart, and out from it to others. So, when I look around for something to fill this place in my heart – what I am really looking for is a redemption of a piece of my heart. -a release of a burden that is weighing too heavily on me.

The only place that I can find that is on my knees before Christ, in true surrender, allowing him to come in and redeem my heart, redeem my mindset, free me of the burdens that weigh upon me.

I can spend all day – or all week – or longer – away from Jesus, and the longer that I stay away from Him, the longer that I refuse to come to Him to let him release and redeem and fill that place in my heart, the harder and colder and more shackled that piece of my heart gets. And then, I find myself looking to try to gain freedom through vices that I used to have–cigarettes, weed, food, people pleasing, etc. Or trying to drink alcohol to free a place in my heart that I am not surrendering to God.

But I have found that none of those things work. Either before or after Christ, they still don’t work.

Even as a Christ follower, I still must come before the throne of grace, and lay my burdens down and allow Him to deal with them.

There is nothing more freeing then laying my burdens down at the foot of His cross and asking Him to take them – and allowing Him to take them – and allowing Him to come into that place, and fill me with his love, and His strength, through His mercy and grace. He will not do that apart from me asking Him to.

I can stay unrepentant and cold, or I can come to Him in full surrender, and ask Him to take all the heavy burdens that are weighing on me so heavily.

When I do, He takes them and He replaces them with strength, and I no longer see those same struggles in the same way. They are just things, and they don’t stand as mighty fortresses that I have to knock down. –because Jesus will do that every single time. If He can break down the walls of Jericho,

He can break down any barrier. And if He can break through this thick head of mine, and sometimes this very cold heart, He can for anyone.

–you just have to truly want to be free, and take a leap of faith, asking Him to free you without limitation. We can’t hold our sin in our back pocket, and ask Him at the same time to release us of this burden. We must be willing to give Him our sin, our heart, our will.

God is faithful, He will free you if you are truly sincere about wanting to find true freedom.

Because it is only found in Christ Jesus.

If you want to find freedom from any hurt, habit, or hang up, I invite you to find a local Celebrate Recovery program in your area.

If there is any place in your heart that needs healing, there is no better place than the community and Body of Christ to find that healing.

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