Infinite Love

Have you ever been in love?? 

No, I’m not talking about your man or your girl—I’m not even talking about your child. I’m talking about a love that is infinitely —and I do mean infinitely–more than any relationship that is ever possible on this earth. I’m talking about the Love that the Holy Spirit pours through us, making us long for our Father God, and our Lord Jesus, connecting our heart to Himself.  

Do you know that unsearchable and infinite love that makes the believer long for Jesus’ return??! If not, ask Him right now to prepare your heart to truly know Him. Ask Him to show you how to receive Him into your heart. Ask someone you trust and know has a relationship with Christ, that can lead you in a prayer to receive Him.  

How many of your friends and relatives knew Christ personally before they passed on? It’s a hard truth but one we must come face to face with for ourselves one day.  
Please, please don’t wait until it’s too late to receive Him. We aren’t promised tomorrow, nor our next breath.  

Jesus is faithful. If you are serious about wanting to understand Him, ask Him to lead you there. He will. Even if you feel that you are so far away that you could never do it—well my friend, you would be right—we can’t come to even begin to understand how to surrender our lives to Him on our own. He must work within you to bring you to that place.  

But if you feel that you are just too bad or distant to ever know Him, that is a good indication that you are being called right now in this very moment. 

He wants to make you His own, to seal you with His Spirit so that He can carry your sin for you and you can be given eternal life with Him. But first we must recognize our own depravity. We must understand that without Jesus, there is no hope. And there is only eternal judgment. 

But Jesus came to set you free just like He did me, and you don’t have to figure this out for yourself. 

There is hope. There is joy eternal. There is everlasting peace. And His name is Jesus! And He longs to fill that void down deep in your soul.  He longs for you to know Him.

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