What a Gentleman 

So Jesus works on dryers too! (Or well, He helps me when the lint comes rolling off the screen and falls into the ‘abyss’. )He continues to amaze me–not that I didn’t think He was capable, but that He would care so much about me that he would do the smallest things for me!  

I was just relaying to someone the other day how he works through me when I have to work on my car, and I pray the whole way through the repair.

Tonight, I almost gave up and just pulled the dryer away from the wall and crawled behind it– Not something I wanted to do! (That’s getting harder to do the older I get) 🙂
I had already tried multiple times to get the biggest chunk out with the lint brush, to no avail. I was I was about to give up when I told Him “I don’t know what else to do.”

Why don’t I ever say those words to begin with??? I don’t know. But as soon as I did, I felt Him tell me “try three more times.”

Thinking that quite possibly I was making that up in my own head, I shrugged and thought why not?

First time–I got just a tad more lint, but really nothing substantial.

Second time–same thing.

Third time – I pulled up the entire chunk of lint that had fallen! I just started laughing and thanking Him–what a Gentleman!

I told you – it’s laughable really how simple and small my dilemma was and how frustrated I was getting– but how awesome is our Father that He cares for us that much?!

I’m telling ya, He’s just incredible 🙂

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