Oh, Lord!

(yet another old journal entry)

How I was sinking

in my own selfish pride.


My heart to touch,

I longed for Your Sweet Fellowship.


But I was drowning in despair,

Thinking of all the ways I’d become a disgrace.


My heart to hold,

I cried out to You.


If You are willing, Lord,

I want to be healed.


“Are you willing?”

You asked


And thinking of the things I’d done,

I pulled back.

Harboring all those feelings of guilt and shame

that I’d brought upon Your Holy Name.


I don’t deserve it,

I cried.


I can’t stand myself,

I sobbed.


But You were there

Ready to take these feelings of inadequacy–


Longing to hold me once more.


I hid my face and buried myself in the dark

Where I could not feel You.


But You were there

Providing for me

Loving me

Caring for me.

Sending Your children my way to light my path back to You.

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