When you seek Me with all of your heart…

I was reminded yesterday how great and powerful and awesome our God is!

Remember when Mary stepped inside the tomb after the stone had been rolled away and she could not find Jesus? And the angels who were present asked her “Why do you seek the living One among the dead?” (Luke 24:5)

They immediately followed this question to her heart with “He is not here, He has risen”. (Luke 24:6)

Well, folks, that is still true today.

Granted, He is here—in the present, all around us. Every day, no matter where we go. We can’t find a single spot in the earth where we are hidden from Him. And yet, when we search for Him with our eyes, we can’t see Him. Because He has risen. That means only one thing–He is alive! Searching for Him requires more than the mind and more than the eyes. Even the blind and even the deaf and even the mentally challenged can find Jesus. How? Because it is a matter of the heart.

If you will recall how 7 days later He appeared in the room with the Twelve disciples. Thomas had not been there the first time, and Thomas told the others “Unless I see the nail marks in His hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.” Well, what did Jesus do? He met Thomas right where he was, in the middle of his stubborn prideful and doubting heart—like He did me. Though the doors to that house had been locked, Jesus did not need a door. It says “though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” “ (John 20:26)

Jesus must be sought for with our hearts. Not our minds, not our eyes. But our hearts. Folks, never be afraid to share Jesus with someone. None of us knows when our last breath will be. And even so, Jesus will call to those that choose Him in the stillness of their heart. Even if they can’t get to a church, even if they can’t find a way to the nearest (man-made) altar in the house of God, Jesus will come right through that wall. He can come right through that door, and stand there in their presence.

We don’t have to be in church to give our lives to Jesus. It doesn’t have to be a Sunday. And you most certainly don’t have to have someone to pray with you in order to do it. Because Jesus created us all, and He desires intimate fellowship with each one of us, and He is able to show us how to do that. He will meet us in the darkest of nights, He will meet us in the silence of our minds, he will meet us in the yearning of our hearts.

All we ever have to do is surrender to Him. Be willing to lay everything that we are, everything that we have, at the foot of His cross, and ask Him to guide us continually throughout the remainder of our days, submitting to His Lordship over our lives forever. And the most amazing thing happens! When you find yourself kneeling in His presence, surrendering to Jesus, and genuinely offering your life to Him, He comes! And He doesn’t stop when He enters the room with you. He comes closer than that. He does not stop when He gets to where you are kneeling. No. His desire is to make you whole. His desire is to make you complete. He steps in, through the walls of your heart, He steps in through the blocks that your mind has tried to put up for so many years. And He, in the form of the Holy Spirit, takes up residence within your heart. This is nothing short of a Divine miracle. In that moment, He cleanses us from all of our past. He sets up a future for us that is beyond all comprehension! And He still never stops. He is always perfecting us, helping us grow and learn and helping us to trust in Him—for the remainder of our days here on earth, after which we will be called into His presence.

He transcends all time, all eternity, all distance, all space. He is the Great I Am.

I tried to ask God into my heart over the years, to no avail. Because I was not seeking Him. I was seeking His gift only—eternal salvation, at no cost to me. Because I was seeking Him with my mind and my eyes only, I could not find Him. He does not live among the dead. He has risen!

Yet, when I cried out to Him and asked Him to show me how to love Him, to show me who He was, to help me understand Him, He changed my seeking from a seeking from the mind to a seeking from the heart. And it was then that I could finally surrender, fully, completely, entirely to His Lordship.

I didn’t give my life to Him in a church. I didn’t have a pastor pray with me.

It was just Jesus and me that day. He came through the locked door of my office, at work, on a quiet Sunday morning. But He didn’t stop when He entered through that hard, cold, block wall. He came straight into my heart as I kneeled down in utter surrender to Jesus, to make Him my Lord Jesus on that cold, hard, tile floor on May 6th 2012.

He tore the veil for me that day. He let me see this world in a brand new light, with brand new eyes and a brand new heart. He changed me, He cleaned me up from all my past, and He gave me fullness, a wholeness—that can never ever in this world be compared to anything else—because Jesus is the only one who will fill that place in our hearts that is lacking.

When Adam and Eve fell in the Garden, their heart cracked inside them, and a place in their heart went missing instantly, causing that void, that hole that can’t be filled by drugs, alcohol, sex, addictions, money, career, family, cars, material wealth of any kind, houses, etc.

We have spent generations trying to fill that gap with everything this world (who is controlled by Satan) has to offer. We have tried to fill that crack and bandage it with everything imaginable. All because, in our fallen and sinful state before Christ, we are scared of utter, complete, total surrender. We are filled with pride, thinking that we can somehow do this on our own-that somehow we will be good enough, that somehow we aren’t “that bad” and God will still let us in when we die. Yet, our hearts are not well within us. Our hearts testify to us that we are not His–yet.

Even though our hearts are fearful, Jesus won the final battle long ago. And Jesus knows that the only way we will ever truly find who we were created to be from the beginning is by letting Jesus back into our heart, letting Him come in and heal it and restore it and bind up our wounds.

And boy, does He!!! There’s nothing greater, nothing this world can offer, that will ever come close to Jesus taking up residence in our heart!

So even if you can’t find Him with your eyes—and I think especially so—you have to change that seeking to a seeking from the heart. And when that happens, and you are finally able to lay everything down before Him, giving Him control of your life from that moment on, that is when He will come to you. He will find you in the seeking of your heart. And from there He will fill you, in an instant.  And in that moment, your heart will be changed to know that you are indeed a child of the One True King!  And you will be filled with a love beyond anything this world could ever, ever offer!

You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

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