Don’t be fooled-

When we praise, honor, and revere any man above Jesus Christ, our Lord, we have fallen into the trap that Satan has set for us. Even when we revere a man of God over and above his God, we are falling prey to idol worship. When we neglect Jesus for the sake of our own pride-filled hearts and minds, we fall victim to the great sin of self-righteousness.

The fallacy of man lies in his own understanding. An empty man is a man devoid of any scriptural knowledge and belief in the supreme authority of God.

A fulfilled man is a man rich in the knowledge of God and humbled in submission to Jesus Christ, our Lord, to whom one day every knee will bow.

Those that wished not to speak or hear of Him now will all-too soon find themselves crying in agony for all eternity because they did not heed the words given to them by Jesus Himself, spoken through great teachers, preachers, prophets, and even the common ordinary everyday man of God.

Therefore, see to it now that you seek Jesus with all your heart. Until you find yourself madly in love with the One who created you, the One through whom all things were made that have been made, and from whom all blessings forever flow. Seek Jesus, [ask Him to help you to] make Him the center of your life. Throw away the things that don’t matter, count everything loss in comparison to the riches of Christ Jesus, and you will find yourself fulfilled, in His presence, and made whole and complete in Him.

Do not let the world’s systems and values fool you, for they are nothing but the pretense of riches clothed in deceitful robes of self-aggrandizement. Here on earth, fallen man builds up treasures they cannot take with them.

On earth, gold adorns the things-and sometimes the people-that man praises. But in heaven, God has paved the streets we will walk on with gold.

Nothing is more important than an eternal, lasting, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the risen and living Son of God, the only means through whom man must be saved.

You will find Him, if from there you will seek Him with all your heart and soul.

Prov 3:4-6, Phil 3:7-8, John 5:44, Matt 6:19-20, John 10:7-9, Acts 4:12, Deut 4:29, Jer 29:13

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