Childlike Faith


Child-like faith is underrated, by everyone but Jesus.  
Ooh, what this world would be like if we all had the faith of a child!

The world tries to mold us into its pattern and standard of living.  It binds us with unseen chains that Jesus broke when He delivered us.

People scoff and turn their noses up, but Jesus looks upon those whose hearts are devoted to Him first above all else, with love and pride. 

The little children are untainted by the world. They know that Jesus can do whatever He sets out to do through them, and they don’t have to do anything but just show up and be available. 

They know that they are little and their strength is limited.  They know that anything that happens through them is not going to be because of anything they’ve done, but because of the Holy One of Israel. 

Jesus broke us from the mold of society when He rescued us.  But the world tries to mold us and tell us that we have strength of their own. That we can go out and change the world and we don’t have to be fully engaged with Jesus. That Jesus plays His part in it, but ultimately it’s up to us.

The world tries to teach us how to be Pharisaical, instead of how to press into Jesus and ask Him to guide our hearts.

The world tries to condemn us for every wrong thing they see, and a lot of times even the right things. 

But the jabs hurt worse when they come from those who have been walking with Jesus for years.

Maybe because they have been beaten down themselves in the past, and they don’t want others to talk about Him openly either. 

Why? I believe it’s because they have become ashamed, to some degree, of talking about Jesus. They have let the world around them dictate to whom and when they can mention the name of Christ, instead of letting the Holy Spirit guide and direct them.

So in turn they look down upon and try to stifle and hush the ones that are still being toweled off in the nursery. 

They want the little ones to stop crying out the name of Jesus because they know that society doesn’t like His name. They have gotten used to giving in to the temptation to be quiet and they don’t even like the idea of being stouthearted (through surrender) anymore. They just play the game of pointing because it’s easier and gets the focus off of them.

Hush little one. Just play the game and do the minimum, don’t do extra and don’t go above and beyond in reaching out to others–because someone might overhear His Name and get offended.

‘Don’t do anything outwardly, direct all thoughts and actions internally and upward. There’s no need to speak, just live and let others be. Eventually they will come around if they are meant to be.’

They exude all of this with their stiff-shoulder approach to life. 

But I beg to differ.  I grew up watching Christ in others–but not ever attributing the light to Him, per se. Because no one gave Him the Glory aloud. I knew certain ones were saved but I didn’t attribute their daily actions to Him. Ever.

It wasn’t until years later that I began to notice that the reason Christ followers acted different was not because of anything they did in and of themselves.  Rather, that it was because of Christ Jesus living inside them.  How did I know? Because they told me it was not them–it was all Him.

They didn’t pretend to have it altogether and they didn’t pretend to know everything. But they would point to Jesus as the author and perfecter of their faith.

They didn’t point to themselves first by saying “because I believe in Jesus, I do ___,___,___.”

But rather, the Glory was given where the Glory was due–in comments such as “I believe in Jesus because He ___, ___, ___.”

As Paul says,  “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” 1Cor 2:2

So my plea is to stop moulding the infants into robots designed to please humans. Rather, hold them up with gentle hands, delivering them into the capable hands of the Father–who knows His children better than anyone. 

And as they grow, help them reach those high places that they can’t yet see. Be kind and gentle and softly smooth their wild hair. And ultimately always hold them up to the Light of Jesus and allow Him to do the moulding.

Don’t jab them in the side as they are reaching for the next step. They are growing and learning, yes, but they need you to lift them, guide them gently, and sometimes shelter them.

And sometimes they need you to push them out of the nest, when they are ready.

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