Blessed is the one who is not offended by Me


Ever notice how Jesus ends this statement with ‘and blessed is the one who is not offended by me.’?

After listing miracle after miracle, Jesus still knows that some will not allow their hearts to be softened by the Holy Spirit. Some will refuse to listen to the promptings within their own heart that they are not enough and that this world does not offer satisfaction-the kind of lasting satisfaction that we all, as humans, crave deep down in our soul.

“There’s got to be something more than this!” our hearts cry out before we finally succumb to the inner promptings of God at work on our heart.

It’s a travesty to think that many will never seek God. They will never ask Him if He is real, they will never ask Him or us how they can come to know Jesus, or just to explain to them more about this One who we’ve entrusted with our lives.

They will go their entire lives assuming that there is nothing but blackness on the other side of death. … To which, sadly, they would be right. For them–those that never truly open their hearts to Jesus and allow His sacrifice to cover every sin ever committed–for them there is only eternal blackness and a fury of endless torment that awaits them.

As heartbreaking as that is, I know I have drifted from telling people about the Good News of Jesus. I used to be ‘right there’, ready to jump in the trenches and share the Gospel. And today sitting in service, I’ve been convicted yet again–what am I doing today?

Am I being the hands and feet of Jesus, am I telling everyone I know that there will be a judgment day, but that Jesus came so that they may be saved from eternal punishment? That they may live forever in complete serenity with him.

Am I telling them that Jesus is the only Way? That He came so that their eyes might be opened, so that those whose walk has been completely devoted to themselves can have a new meaning in every step they take.

Those that feel alone and desperate for—-something–but unsure what that something is–can find Life in Jesus.

Those who are spiritually poor and disfigured can come to the Cross to gain spiritual riches, healing and strength.

Those who hear nothing except the noise of the world around them can have their ears opened to the prompting of God’s Holy Spirit within their hearts.

Because if anyone is willing to lay down his life–the beat up, disfigured, bankrupt, lifeless life they have outside of Christ, and leave behind the noisy chattering world around them–surrendering their hearts, wills, mind, and soul to the One that created them– they will in turn receive eternal life.

But do they know this? It makes me think what am I–and what are we, as Christ followers–doing to make sure that the ones we come into contact with not only see Jesus in action, but that they know about Him and the fact that He came and died so that whomever believes in Him might Live.

Sometimes just living rightly is enough for others to see and want to follow Jesus. But conversations can lead to changed lives in some quicker than just watching. I know for me it took conversations to open that door, because when I was walking in darkness I could not freely talk about God, even as much as my heart yearned for Him.

As we go about our week, I challenge each of us to pray for opened doors and opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Remember, His Word never returns void!


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