Even through the clouds

wpid-img_20150730_210944_047.jpgEven through the clouds, through the murky darkness of night, I Am.

As much as you try to hide from Me–I Am here.

I do not take lightly your presence. I knit you together in your mother’s womb.

I created you to enjoy My presence.  I created you to live and to love and to give freely of yourself.  You take this for granted, thinking of Me when you need Me, when you find yourself at the end of your road without a direction in which to go.  Then you come humbly before Me and ask for Me to guide you, which I gladly do. But you needlessly let yourself get to the end of the road before looking for Me.

Walk with Me daily, minute by minute, letting Me guide your every decision. I do so because I love you, not because I want to control you.

I created you with free will, but so often you take this to mean a freedom to wander, instead of a freedom to stay close to Me. This grieves My heart because although I am always near you, I long for you to want Me to be close to you.

When you get distant from Me, you tend to start thinking that I do not love you as much anymore.  You tend to start drifting away because you hide in shame, pulling the curtains around your heart and your mind.

But, I Am.

I am here.  I am waiting for you to return your focus to Me.  I am waiting for you to turn your heart back to Me.  You are distracted by this world and all the things that compete for your attention.  But when you restrain your eyes from wandering, and your eyes are set solidly on Me, the world around you becomes vibrant and full of life.  These are the very things that you are looking for, with the curtains drawn over the eyes of your heart.  You desperately try to find meaning and significance in life, and you wonder why you cannot seem to find it. Without your focus being on Me first, you will not find true meaning in any part of this world.

You tend to forget that I created you, and I created the world in which you live.  When you seek Me first above all else, I fulfill places within your heart you did not even know or remember existed.  You will continually find new meaning in life when your focus is clear.

But even when it is cloudy, I Am.

I call to you during the broad daylight, at stoplights and in the most unexpected places.  I even call to you during the middle of the night.  I long for you to desire My presence.  I long to commune with you.

I created you to love, to live, and to enjoy My presence.  Focus the eyes of your heart upon Me, and let Me fill you beyond all comprehension.  Do not try to figure out how that will work.  Just trust Me.

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