Walk with Me, (even through the darkness)

I had this conversation with my girl this morning…(my dog)


And like any other Christ-following parent (whether it be a child or an animal), as I was speaking these words to my dog, I had to realize that my Father was using this opportunity to teach me something as well.  This was really a conversation between Him and I, but I didn’t get it until halfway through this conversation.   I had to stop and write this out, to remind myself for future times when I start thinking I know better than my Father.

Also, the video at the end is about this same thing–I saw this last night, and it fits so perfectly with this!  It’s a GREAT message!

Walk with me in the dark and scary places.

Have I ever left you?

Even when you get scared and take off running, I will leave and come and rescue you.

You may have missed out on that blessing, but I will always protect you.

Trust Me.

I love you.

I walk with you in the daylight, and in the blackest darkness before the sunrise.

I am always near you. I have never left your side.

But yet when you start hearing things, and seeing things, and smelling things that don’t seem right to you, you get scared and take off in the opposite direction.

I was leading you into a place of blessing. A place from which to bless others.

But you wouldn’t stick around. You wouldn’t stop long enough to hear my calming voice in the midst of it all. You let sight get in your way. You let smells get in your way. You let the visible distract you from the invisible, intangible blessings that I had for you.

You broke free of my grasp and took off. You started running in circles, acting crazy and scared. You put yourself in danger, because you left My side.

And then, you called out for me, as you were running in circles, scared to death of the place and situation you had gotten yourself into.

But you forget that I am your loving parent, who wants to bless you and bless others through you.

I love you more than you love yourself. Even though you take off running in the opposite direction, I come running to you, protecting you from the harm that others can bring to you. Because I love you.

Do you trust Me now? Do you see now that I never lead you where I am not walking alongside of you?

Even if it is scary, know that I am there. I never leave your side.

And when I bring you back, I wash you off from all the mud and dirt that you got yourself into.  And the mud and dirt that I was walking with you through, so that you could be a blessing to others, before you took off and left My side.  I will always clean you up, when you come back to Me. 

But trust Me, even in the midst of the mud, the noises, the smells, and the distraction.  Because I am there.  I have never taken you anywhere that I would not go before you and walk alongside of you.

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