The Light Always Shines


Even in the middle of the storm, the light still shines.

We may not be able to see it as clearly some days, because it may be on the other side of the world from where we are. But, He never stops shining His light into our world.

Sometimes we just have to turn around so that we can see Him and feel His presence once again. 

I love days like this, where it’s cloudy and overcast, and yet the sun still billows through, casting a golden hue upon everything in it’s path.

It’s days like this that remind me Jesus is always present. We may have drifted, we may be struggling to get back to where we once were–maybe only days or weeks before–but He has never left our side. He is calling to us and beckoning us to come running back into His arms instead of hiding in shame for how far we have drifted. 

And it’s days like this that all He has to do is send a ray of light to me, to make me come scrambling to get back into His arms again.

Today God did just that, by letting me be a first hand witness to a powerful work that He was doing. He sent a ray of light breaking into my darkness–my apathetic and distant ways. And He made me start smiling and laughing and thanking Him once again for being my Father, my God, that loves me without condition and without pretense. He loves me in my mess and He loves me when I am rejoicing in Him.

But most of all, He loves me unconditionally and He wants close fellowship with me, His daughter.

And such is the case with you, He wants all of His children to be wrapped up in His loving embrace, not hiding in shame around the corner for how far they have wandered, seemingly overnight.

So if you are feeling distant and you have tried on your own to get back to His arms, try crying out to Him and asking Him to bring you back to that place.

He will. He did for me šŸ™‚

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