I stumbled upon this today… I wrote this a mere month before coming back to Jesus last year.  My heart was so heavy and I was losing sight of who Jesus even was, which scared me.  I started seeing Him as just another man that walked the face of this earth, not the Son of Man, who was born into this world to save us, who was and is God incarnate.  The One and Only Son of God.  I was getting to the point that everything was getting fuzzy and fading out, and I felt mere seconds away from rejecting Him altogether–which was even scarier than Him not loving me anymore.  I wanted desperately to be in His presence, filled up by Him again.  To be whole and complete in Him.  This was a prayer I wrote out on May 5 2014.  I came back to Him on June 9-10th 2014.  (And was baptized for the first time a mere two weeks later–on June 28th 2014, in front of all of my family and a few friends) 🙂

God is SOOOO good!

Fill Me Jesus


God, help me to rest my soul

In You

Jesus, lay Your hand on me and make me whole

In You

Father, be my light from within

Be my vision to the end


Help me see You again,

Help me love You again.

Help me find You again.


Jesus, be my guiding light

I live in a world so full of clutter

My shades drawn, no light here.

I don’t know how to reach You


I left your side and I know I was wrong

I can’t seem to bring myself back

To the place I once found You.

I don’t know where You are,

Yet You are all around.


I see you in others, I see that light I used to have

I long to be Yours again.

Can I, Jesus please? Will you please take me back and make me whole?

God, how I need You. This life isn’t worth living-without You.


I feel so lost, wandering to and fro.

I know where I went wrong—please, can I come back?

Help me Father, because I know I’m a sinner.


I know I can’t help myself,

Trusting in me I’ll be lost forever.

But with You, through You,

I can be free again. If you will allow me to?


I hardened my heart so hard, my neck is so stiff.

But I can’t break my heart myself, I need You.


Only You can work miracles.

Only You can help me.

I don’t know what to do

But I know I need You.


I know my heart needs cleansing

I know my soul needs purged.

I hate the very steps I walk in—

I want, again, to walk in Yours.


Help me Father, help me Please.

I beg you, Jesus, I need You now.

I don’t know what to say or do,

I just want to be filled with You.


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