When you realize that by sharing your story, you will be walking an uphill battle and facing much opposition, sometimes it’s easier to coward behind the wall of self righteousness.

But as you look around, you notice that others are struggling–with the same things that you were delivered from. And you begin to have such a tremendous burden on your heart to go and minister to them, spreading the hope of redemption and restoration through Christ.

And, when you realize that the work Jesus did inside of you was not for your glory, but for HIS, it’s easier to share it. So, you take up your cross and you go forth, following His leading.

In faith.

One step at a time.

And when you start sharing your story, it no longer holds the same power over you that it once did, because He has given you hope and healing through the sharing of your testimony.

…and it is then that the fog begins to lift. A fog you never realized was so vastly present all around you, encapsulating you in it’s dreariness and confusion.

The fog burns away and you see the day ahead more clearly than before. You see life in detail you hadn’t noticed in forever! You are waking up out of the fog—and it suddenly dawns on you: This story–this struggle–it never belonged to you. That is to say, that you did not own it.

It owned you for a period of time–but you did not own it. It had you bound and confused and caught in a web of lies. But Jesus delivered you from under its oppression.

It was merely something that you went through, so that you could help others that will be fighting the same battle–thinking that they, too, carry their weights alone. Thinking that this is a burden that they must learn to “deal with”. And learn to live their lives around, giving into the lies that encapsulate them in that thick, heavy fog.

But because Jesus has delivered you, and set you free from the oppression, He can use you as His vessel to reach others. And, as you begin to share your story of hope and restoration, you can see more clearly than ever before.

And you realize that it is you He is calling to go back into the fog and pull others to safety. Before they walk off the edge of the cliff in their stupor–like you almost did, until He sent someone to rescue you.

Yet, it is merely just that same heavy fog that has settled over their hearts, like at one time it did yours.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, because Jesus is Light.

And when there is Light–the fog dissipates.

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