Return to Me

As I read Isaiah 52 tonight, this came to my mind.

(went back and added scripture references in parenthesis, but these are not word-for-word verses–just references)

You have left your love of the Lord Your God, (Rev2:4) in order to idolize My creation (Ro 1:23), in the name of “love”.  You have neglected to understand that I have called you out of the world (John 15:19), and you are not to be a part of the world.  You are called to love your neighbor (Luke 10:27), but not at the expense of your love for Me.  Do not neglect the first and greatest commandment.

“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might…”  Deut 6:5

Yet, when you begin to accept and promote evil in the name of “love”, you blaspheme My holy name. (Isaiah 52:5)

Love those that are far from Me, and those that have strayed.  Teach them about the love that I have so freely bestowed upon you, to bring you out of your captivity. (Ex 20:2; Lev26:13)  But remember, they are captives too.  If you neglect to see that the chains binding them are from the enemy, you only prolong their suffering.  If you tell them that I can deliver them (Isaiah 42:7 ;Luke 4:18) from their captivity, as I have so freely done for you, then they will not grow weary and lose heart ( Isaiah 40:31 Heb 12:3).

There are many that are giving up on life, because they see no way out of the chains of bondage that have kept them strangled for so long.  I have called you to come alongside each other and help each other, in the name of Love.  To help those that are caught in bondage to break free of their chains  by coming to Me, and surrendering their lives to My Lordship.  When they entrust Me, as you entrusted Me, at the cross, to take away your sins and the chains that had shackled you for all those years, I can at last carry the burden that I have been longing to carry for them.

I do not want My people, who are called by My Name (2Chron 7:14), to continue carrying these burdens, regrets, and fears any longer.  Just as I did for you (Eph 5:2), I am longing to do for them.  But they have to understand that I can take this from them.  I send you out into the world (Matthew 10:16; Matthew 28:19) so that you can deliver My message of freedom and pardon, but you have stopped short, and it is grieving My heart.  Because you are afraid to speak the words of truth that I have given you, you–even if inadvertently on your part–circumvent My teaching and My deliverance.  But whoever does speak the truth will guard his heart from trouble.  (Prov 28:14; Prov 23:17).

Wake up, children, and rise, and go out and preach the words that I have given you. (Eph 5:8)  Go out and speak of My deliverance and acceptance and love, but do not neglect to tell them that the only way to find it is at the foot of My cross, when they choose to lay down everything that they are and ask Me to be Lord of their life (John 3:16) (Matthew 10:38; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23).

My children, I have called you to live in community with one another, to help and to protect and to strengthen one another and be My vessel to draw others to Myself. (Heb 10:24)  Not to hate each other.  And not to love evil (1John 2:15), thereby prolonging the days of suffering in the ones I have called, that are currently bound in chains.  Allow them to have the same freedoms that I have bestowed upon you.

My heart is breaking to see those I have called turning away from me, and loving their perverse ways instead of holding Me and My words at the center of their hearts and minds (John 3:19).  I wish no one to perish (2Peter 3:9), I want all to come to salvation.  But without understanding that the chains they are holding onto are ties to the enemy (John 8:34), they cannot come to Me and lay down those chains, and pick up their cross, and follow Me (Luke 9:23).

Without this sacrifice (Luke 14:26), no one can come to the Father.   Without My sacrifice and the blood that will wash away the sins that have been forsaken at the cross, I cannot deliver them to My Father in righteousness and holiness.  They need to understand that My greatest desire is that they come to Me and receive eternal life (1Tim 2:4Romans 10:1).  But you are holding them back.  Please stop.

Please tell them that I love them because I created them, and I died for them, so that they might receive eternal life.  And tell them that I desire a close relationship with them.  I do not want burnt offerings, I want their hearts.  (John 15:15) And without understanding their complete depravity, (Eph 2:3) apart from Me, they can never truly come to Me and fully accept Me as their Lord and Savior.  I desire to be the Lord of their lives, because I desire to protect them from perishing.  I came to die for anyone who would come to Me (John 3:16).  Please do not hinder them.

Cheer for Prostrate Zion
1Awake, awake,
Clothe yourself in your strength, O Zion;
Clothe yourself in your beautiful garments,
O Jerusalem, the holy city;
For the uncircumcised and the unclean
Will no longer come into you.

2Shake yourself from the dust, rise up,
O captive Jerusalem;
Loose yourself from the chains around your neck,
O captive daughter of Zion.

3For thus says the LORD, “You were sold for nothing and you will be redeemed without money.” 4For thus says the Lord GOD, “My people went down at the first into Egypt to reside there; then the Assyrian oppressed them without cause. 5“Now therefore, what do I have here,” declares the LORD, “seeing that My people have been taken away without cause?” Again the LORD declares, “Those who rule over them howl, and My name is continually blasphemed all day long. 6“Therefore My people shall know My name; therefore in that day I am the one who is speaking, ‘Here I am.’”

7How lovely on the mountains
            Are the feet of him who brings good news,
            Who announces peace
            And brings good news of happiness,
            Who announces salvation,
            And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

8Listen! Your watchmen lift up their voices,
They shout joyfully together;
For they will see with their own eyes
When the LORD restores Zion.

9Break forth, shout joyfully together,
You waste places of Jerusalem;
For the LORD has comforted His people,
He has redeemed Jerusalem.

10The LORD has bared His holy arm
In the sight of all the nations,
That all the ends of the earth may see
The salvation of our God.

11Depart, depart, go out from there,
Touch nothing unclean;
Go out of the midst of her, purify yourselves,
You who carry the vessels of the LORD.

12But you will not go out in haste,
Nor will you go as fugitives;
For the LORD will go before you,
And the God of Israel will be your rear guard.

The Exalted Servant
13Behold, My servant will prosper,
He will be high and lifted up and greatly exalted.

14Just as many were astonished at you, My people,
So His appearance was marred more than any man
And His form more than the sons of men.

15Thus He will sprinkle many nations,
Kings will shut their mouths on account of Him;
For what had not been told them they will see,
And what they had not heard they will understand.

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