God is Good….. Even when we can’t see it

Today started off pretty awesome—I was invited to a local women’s Christian ministry–it’s in the beginning stages, and it was such a beautiful and blessed event 🙂

My dear sister and friend gave the encouraging word for the day, and I cried at one point when she spoke of a time that God used her to speak a word of encouragement into someone that normally she would not have gotten the opportunity to talk to in that way.  Then the praise music started, and the lady singing was incredible.  I just kept my eyes closed and asked the Holy Spirit to wash over me, and He did–wow, He did.  Tears flowed, and flowed, and I didn’t know really why I was crying, other than I was so overwhelmed with His presence!  I couldn’t stop, and yet I didn’t want to–I just wanted Him to continue to minister to me in those moments.


Later after I got home, I found my window A/C unit was froze up.  Perfect opportunity to clean out the outer portion of the unit, I thought—except, problem after problem arose.  I’m typically good at dealing with problems as they come about, but it was hot and I wasn’t feeling it today.  I started to get very angry, and irritated.  My dog unfortunately doesn’t know to just leave me alone in those circumstances, so she wants to find out what’s going on and I just end up yelling at her.  Not good for either one of us.

I realized that when I was hosing it out, the water was not draining.  I looked at the bottom of the pan, and sure enough–no drain  hole.  Well, that’s just brilliant!  So, i went and dug out my drill, a bit, and plugged it in.  I had to figure out where exactly to drill into the bottom, since I didn’t want to hit a freon line and make my window unit completely useless!  But the bottom of the pan was full of gunk, and so I had to first take a couple of screws out and bend a panel back so that I could get in there to see.  As soon as I found the spot to drill into, I thought “Well that would have been dumb to drill into a pan full of water from the bottom up–with an *electric drill*.  Hmm yeah, Duh!  Thank You, Father for watching out for me!”

So I started to drill down from the top… after having to flip the switch on the surge protector I was plugged into. (Again, God was watching out for me—giving me just enough time to think about what I was doing).  So, I started drilling down through the pan and all of a sudden “HISSSS”…… great.  I knew what that sound meant.  I stopped the drill and pulled away from the unit—sure enough, the side of the chuck had ground against the side of the coil, and had ground a hole in it, and freon was escaping…   Looks like I will have to get a new A/C unit after all! Great 😦

Just what I need!  To spend money I wasn’t planning on spending, when rent is due.  😦  And this time I wasn’t so sure if I was going to try to get a used one or not–this one sure hadn’t been the biggest blessing—but it had been cool and I was appreciative of that.

I was just going to break down and buy a brand new one. No problems out of a new one, right?  I got on the computer, still angry and irritable.  I typed in “homedep–“, but before I even began looking, I stopped.

I hit my knees.  “Father, I don’t know what to do!” I cried, and I listened—–silence.  Silence.   Then I just started praying for other people—I mean, I was down here on my knees and right now I couldn’t figure out what to do about my situation, and He certainly wasn’t very clear in His answer…  So I just prayed for everything and everyone else I could think of.  And, finally, I found it easier to swallow my pride and ask for forgiveness for being angry and yelling at my dog, and for being ungrateful, and other things… And that weight lifted.  Again–it’s that weight that you don’t even realize is there because you are so used to carrying it.  But when He takes it, all of a sudden you can breathe again!

I got back on the computer, and instead of going to homedepot, which is where I was originally headed–I felt that, against my better judgement, I needed to give craigslist one more shot.  So, I typed in the address, pulled up ‘AC unit” and instantly had several hits–all that were posted within the last couple of hours.

I texted the first one and he called back.  I actually had two different people that had units they were selling and I was able to talk the first guy into letting me buy both of his for less than I would have paid for just one at the store!  And, I didn’t know he had two of them–which I needed–until he asked “which one”.

I met him at the storage facility–i know—Craigslist, storage facility… sounds kind of creepy right?  Well, God had led me here and I felt His hand protecting me the entire time, and of course I asked for His protection regardless.  And, for extra measure I stayed on the phone with a friend until I was sure that I was safe. (Though honestly I felt that was a tad overboard at the time.  But I did…. not trusting God fully? I don’t know.  Maybe I wasn’t.  Because I honestly didn’t feel the need to—at all.  But I did, just because of the circumstances. Oh well. 🙂 )

I came home with two units, and though they were pretty dirty looking—I knew what to do.  After all, God had blessed me (though I wouldn’t have called it that at the time) in my previous job, by learning how to take apart window units and clean them out and get them almost-brand new again!  It might be a little bit of elbow grease, but nothing that I couldn’t handle.  Plus, it was a tad therapeutic–being that it was outside, in the shade, the sun having gone on the other side of the house.  My dog sat out in the grass and watched me.  She wanted to help but I didn’t want her in all the chemicals I was using to wash the unit out.

It took a minute to get them cleaned up (well the second one was still clean enough I didn’t worry about it), and installed into the windows, and sealed up.  This time I really sealed them–there won’t be any air coming through there at all!  And to think, I had been intending over the last few days to go back and finally completely seal up the one that I ruined earlier—but that was a blessing in disguise too—because that unit had been kind of a pain lately, and it was good to get rid of it before I had it all sealed in!

Plus, I had texted my landlord earlier when i first figured out I would be having to buy a new unit, and she was sweet enough to allow me to put off rent for another few days.  I have been tremendously blessed with incredible landlords, who let Christ shine through them in all that they do.  I feel so very blessed by them!


When we try to focus on the solution to our problems, we tend to feel very overwhelmed and out of sorts.  When we, on the other hand, put our struggles into our loving and merciful Father’s hands, He is soo good to provide!  Even when everything inside of us tells us to go in one direction, and we sense His prompting to go in an entirely different direction.  If we rebel and go against what we sense He is prompting, then we risk losing the blessing that He has in store for us.  When we, on the other hand, submit and surrender to His leading, and we follow in His direction, even though it doesn’t make sense, or goes against our common everyday logic, He provides a blessing greater than we could ever have imagined!

Father, help me to be obedient to You, even when what You are asking doesn’t seem like the logical thing to do.  Because I am only human and I have a finite mind.  I cannot see what You have for me on down the road.  I am so very appreciative and thankful, and I know that You are taking care of me–as You always do.  Help me to trust You in those situations when my faith is weak.  And thank You, Lord, for always watching over me!

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