Trials lead us feeling desperate in our need of Jesus and His saving grace. And His redeeming love when we fail.

Trials are there to test our faith and see if we truly trust God.

And if we truly love God.

Do we turn toward the world or toward God when we are discouraged? Do we get our comfort from others or do we get it from our Father God, the One who created us?

When we lose hope in ourselves, do we place our trust in Jesus or in other people?

James tells us in his epistle that trials are not to be looked at lightly.


He tells us to count it all joy, knowing that our faith is being tested, and knowing that from that testing of our faith, our endurance will be stronger in the next round of temptation.

Reflecting back over the recent weeks and thinking about the way in which my faith has been tested, I can see where my endurance has grown incrementally.  The times in which I was close to compromising what I believe what God Himself reveals to us through His Holy Scriptures–I see where He hung onto me, even when I had jumped straight out of His arms. 

No, I didn’t immediately bow down and humbly submit myself to Him every single time I was faced with temptation. Like a rebellious child, i kicked and squirmed a little. But, when I finally did submit myself to His authority–through the conviction and empowering of the Holy Spirit–He rescued me–every time! And my faith grew a little bit stronger each time.  In each subsequent round, I knew that He could deliver me from the present moment if only I called out to Him.

Through this testing of my faith, He kept me with Him, He kept me from throwing in the towel on Him and compromising my beliefs.

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