Favorite verses

Two of my favorite passages



It has occurred to me that my favorite passages of scripture are not necessarily about the overflowing abundance of Jesus’ great unfathomable love for us, for me. Rather, my favorite passages are usually geared toward running after Him with all of my heart. Tossing aside the things that will distract me from running this race.


Is it about performance to me? I think to a degree it used to be… But anymore–with all that I have gone through still, even the rebellious periods of my heart after knowing Christ–I have realized that His forgiveness is beyond amazing—and even more is His grace to allow me to feel distant from Him and grieved when I disobey. Because in those moments, I realize how very precious I am to my Father, to my Savior, to my Comforter. And I realize that though I have grieved Him, He loves me and wants better things for me. And because I love Him, I don’t want to continue in my rebellion, but I want to come running back into His arms and let Him lavish His unending love upon me, washing me once again. And though I am ashamed of my behavior, I am grateful that He gives me chances over and over to get it right. And it is out of love for Him that I want to throw aside anything that doesn’t honor Him, and live in close fellowship with Him all the days of my life! I hate those times that I have rebelled and grieved Him, because I thought I knew better. I hate those times because I feel so distant from Him and I feel so grieved that I have hurt Him–the One who died for me.

Jesus, thank You for your sacrifice! Thank You for loving me beyond my wildest dreams and fulfilling this place in my heart that would still be so lost and lonely and desperate without You!!

Help me to walk this narrow road and follow in the path You put in front of me. I love You! Thank You for loving me even when I fail You, and for setting me back on the right track!

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