It’s an every day kinda thing…


After spending about two minutes taking the old door handle off, and about an hour trying to get the new one on–and getting utterly frustrated to the point I was about to give up and call it quits for the day–it finally donned on me, “ask God for help”.

Hmm yeah.  Duh. *gulp*

“Father, will you please help me get this thing back together?”

Then it donned on me to pick up the old piece and see if I could tell any difference between the old and the new. I saw that the two hook pieces on the new one, though they looked like they might hold things together a bit better, weren’t there on the old one, and they might be getting in the way of everything seating correctly.

And, I was finally able to get the top clips on the door panel seated correctly in the metal track.  All of a sudden, things were just coming together so smoothly!

I broke the hooks off of the new piece and tried it. Perfect fit!! Now to reassemble the rods on the back side of the handle without taking the door panel back off–since I’d finally been able to seat that correctly, for once, after trying multiple times within the hour.

Everything snapped together, and in 15 minutes I was buttoning everything up and heading back inside the house. Mission accomplished!

Now why do I not always remember just to ask my Father for His help from the beginning? When it’s something scary, like changing the spark plugs and wires for the first time, I didn’t even think to touch my car without praying first, asking Him to guide my every move and not let me do anything that was going to cause damage. Plus, I was praying the whole time I was working on it–I was too scared to even attempt it on my own!

But something so simple like changing out a door handle–“naw I don’t need to pray about that,” I must have thought to myself–“I GOT this!! ”

Then when everything goes south and I’m about to give up, I remember all of a sudden that I have a Father who cares about me, and cares about even the small things that I care about.  And He’s always there for me–He’s never left my side.

When I decide to lay down my pride, and humbly come to Him and ask, He’s always willing to help me.  But, He lets me learn the hard way–because I’m stubborn, and that’s the way I learn everything– the hard way. I blame it on being German, but maybe it’s just simply pride… Which is never a good thing.

I think we all are guilty of this–in our daily everyday life, and in our spiritual life. “I can do this,” we tell ourselves. “I don’t need God’s help on this, it’s so small I’m not going to bother Him with this. I GOT THIS.”. Next thing we know, we are knee deep in water–water that doesn’t smell too good.

It’s then that we remember we have a Father who cares about even the small things, and is right there, ready and willing, and actually wants us to ask Him to help us–if we would only lay down our prideful ways and come to Him and ask.

Next time I attempt something, even the small things, hopefully I’ll remember what I learned today.  And then again, I might not. It seems like I have been relearning this one quite a bit lately….

But regardless, God is good all the time. And all the time, God is good!! So I will continue to praise Him!


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