Today I Give Up Everything

Today I walk away from trying to hold on.

I walk away from trying to preserve and protect.

I turn from trying to control




and most importantly-

other people.


Today, I decide to give everything I am to You.

-all my thoughts, emotions, desires, needs.

-all the people, things, and events in my life.


Because I realized, once again, that it is not me

who controls my destiny

–nor the destiny of others.


It is You, oh Lord, that makes us grow.

It is You, Lord, that nourishes us

It is You that provides the opportunities for







It is You that controls my days,

And the days of others.


So today, I release them into Your Sovereign hands.

Today, I will take my place on the passenger side.


I will stop trying to sit in Your lap and control the wheel.

I will stop jumping down on the floorboard and pressing the gas pedal.


You are in control—and You always have been.

Sometimes I just need to be reminded of that.


So, today I give you all those things that I have held on to.

Holding so tightly that I block Your flow of love through my heart,

Out to others.


And tomorrow, help me to remember

To give it all away again

-back into Your rightful hands


Because only You are Sovereign.

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