Simply Satisfied

My Heart Overflows. 
–wait…or is it my coffee?

So I’ve noticed that when I was on top of the world, my coffee cup was less full.  And then, when I start plummeting downhill, my coffee cup can’t stay full enough.

Something happens when God fills our hearts.  We no longer crave the things of this world, things in our daily lives that we once so desperately needed.

Whether that is coffee, or whether that is other people’s opinions of us–it no longer accounts for as much in our hearts.  We no longer try to get our satisfaction, our fulfillment, through the things that are a constant presence in our lives.  We no longer seek, and reach, and strive for those things that are beyond our reach–out of our ability to ever grasp, even though they seem like they are very tangible, and very real to us.

We are simply—well, Satisfied.

We tend to look to others for comfort, for value, for acceptance.  But, when our heart overflows with His love, we no longer carry the burdens of the world in the same way. 

Speaking for myself, I no longer drink endless amounts of coffee, trying to stay alert, awake, in tune with my surroundings. 

Because all of a sudden, my mind is alert.  My heart is on fire.  And my soul is in tune with the One who created me. 

I no longer crave perfection.

I no longer crave that person to fill that void in my life–because I find my life is full, complete. Lacking nothing.

We see things in a different light when we are in-tune with our Lord, our God, our Savior, Deliverer, Redeemer.  

Sometimes it’s because of the struggles that we face that bring us back to that point.  Sometimes–I find more often in my case–it is the struggles that others go through, that leave me feeling closer to God.  

The Holy Spirit lives inside of us, and sometimes uses us as His vessel to intercede for our loved ones.  In those moments, I seem to find Him more readily accessible than when I am crying out to Him for my own selfish reasons. 

I am not sure entirely sure why it seems to make me closer to my Father, but I sense that it has something to do with that sacrifice of letting Him use us, as His vessel, crying out to the Father on our neighbor’s behalf—I think it’s during these times that He draws even closer to us.  


The trials of another can pull me out of my “funk”, my “depression”, my spiritual war, quicker than my own trials and suffering.  Because when I focus on my own trials, sometimes my suffering tends to get deeper.  (Maybe it’s because I’m so focused on what’s wrong and I’m not letting go and releasing my problems to Him.) But when I cry out to Him to lift others up, He, in turn, lifts me up.   

“Let us never lose the wonder of the Cross,” we sing—and before we know it, our hearts are focused back on the Sacrifice that He provided on our behalf.  His never-ending mercies that He continues to provide us, day in and day out.

And all of a sudden I realize that I still have half a cup of coffee left–and it’s cold.  

But it doesn’t even matter anymore.  Because my heart–well, it’s on fire for Him again!  🙂

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