The Pure in Heart

image “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

The pure in heart.  Does that mean perfect? No. (Not of ourselves) What does it mean?
Here’s what started pouring from my heart as I read this and started writing…

not “perfect”, but “pure”–as in recognizing their inadequacy before the throne of grace.

recognizing their flesh as sinful.

recognizing that it is Jesus who purifies our hearts, (Justification)

recognizing that without Jesus we are incapable of being good.

acknowledging that even in our darkest days and most defiant hours, that we need to continually seek His forgiveness and ask Him to change us to become more like Him. (Sanctification)

those that think they are “good enough” and don’t feel the need to ask for His daily renewal of their minds through His Word may have a deeper underlying condition going on beneath the surface.

recognize that our goal is to become more like Jesus—-not more sinful and fleshly and continue in our rebellion

they desire to be sanctified because it brings glory to God, and because as He sanctifies us, He is able to use us to minister to others more readily.

through our struggles He can draw others to Himself—-through the victories that He has performed in us.

but if we stay in our rebellion, and stay our sin, we become unfruitful.

–and He tells us that He chose us to bear fruit–fruit that lasts.
—-so that through us others may see Him and His glory manifested through us

they cannot see Him or His glory manifested if we are not living in submission to His will, to His law. (we, at that point, become unfruitful, as we have separated ourselves from the True Vine.)

and we are to bear fruit as followers of Christ. So, as believers, this will be grevious to our hearts, if we continue to live in sin.

The fact that we aren’t representing Him well during those times that we submit ourselves to our flesh and the world’s desires will cause an outpouring of conviction in our spirit, which will in turn cause us to seek His face and submit and surrender all over again, asking Him to remove our flaws, remove our cold hearts and ask Him to search our hearts, removing anything that does not honor Him,

asking for Him to revive us and let us glorify Him with the changes that He needs to make in our hearts so that He can be manifested within us once again when He has realigned us with His will.

the pure in heart recognize when they are out of the will of God and work swiftly to realign themselves with Him. aligning, realigning, and realigning again, over and over because they do not want to be distant from Him, as being distant is grevious to our new nature–that is, the Holy Spirit living within us.

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