Words can’t express the gratitude I have for certain people in my life.  I feel as though I shouldn’t have this good fortune, that the blessings are too numerous to count…


The people that God has placed strategically in my life at various points along the way are like guideposts keeping me going toward the end.  They light my path and illuminate it in ways I could have never seen on my own. That’s why we live in community, for opportunities like this to point each other in the direction of the end of the race–to light their path so that they can see where the potholes lie and the pavement gives way to dirt roads and back woods trails.

Sometimes we wander through the desert and we have that fire by night of His prompting, His leading, even when we can’t really see the path clearly.

Fact is, we can never see the path clearly. Everything is skewed in our perception but when we look through God’s lenses, we start seeing that it doesn’t matter the course, it doesn’t matter the journey through marsh lands or desert valleys.

As long as He is guiding our path and directing our steps, and we are humbly submitted to Him, we don’t care where He takes us. The key is submission. The key is not anticipating our own future but fully relying on God’s provision to get us through the next valley, the next peak, the next wetland or desert.

Submission. Surrender. Bowing down in Holy reverence and asking Him to take the wheel. Dying to ourselves. There’s no better feeling in the world than being God’s child and being able to let go, to release the ball from our hands, and trust that He will take us where we need to go.


That’s what it all boils down to.

We can’t surrender and we can’t submit to someone we don’t know. We can’t surrender and we can’t submit to someone who we find to be controlling or domineering our lives.

But when we realize that God is truly who He says He is — that He is love and He is always going to be standing there waiting to catch us, because He’s always right by our side–only then can we take that keep of faith and truly surrender all we are to Him.

Out life may seem like our life, going where we want when we want how we want and doing whatever makes us happy along the way.

That is, until we experience Christ in our heart for the first time. Then, we realize it has nothing to do with us. And everything to do with Him!

When we give Jesus control over every aspect of our lives, and ask Him to change us to make us more like Himself, we experience transformation like we could have never understood from the other side of the Cross.

It’s truly a life changing moment when we surrender to the power of Jesus and accept His shed blood on the Cross for our sins, knowing that without Him we were eternally separated and deserving of the wrath of God.

We have to become less so that He can become greater—from the moment of salvation knowing that we are destitute without a Savior, to the end of our lives.  We continually lift Jesus’ name up above our own, hoping, wishing that we could die to ourselves and our sinful desires completely, and only have Him showing through us by the time we finish our course.

Of course, we will never be perfect on this earth, but as Christ followers, we desire to die trying!

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