God prays for us

Something I thought about today:

We are told that Jesus intercedes in prayer for us on our behalf. How amazing that He would continually be praying for us!!

We also know that when we pray, we are to pray in the Spirit. This means that He, the Holy Spirit, is interceeding for us, making sure our thoughts and words line up with the will of the Father. The Spirit prays on a deeper level than we could ever possibly obtain in our flesh.

Finally, we are all part of one body and we are made to live in community with other believers.
And, He tells us in His Word that the prayers of the righteous availeth much.

So, I was thinking…

Besides for Jesus, who else is praying for us? (Rhetorical q)

Family, yes. Friends, yes.  But if the prayers of the righteous are effective, it’s because they are interceded by the Holy Spirit living within others—all on our behalf.

The Holy Spirit, through our brother and sisters in Christ. Those that know us personally and love and care about us enough to take time out of their prayer for us specifically.

Then I started thinking, I have more family in Christ than I’ve ever had friends, before I knew Jesus.
And I don’t use the term family nonchalantly, because as a body of believers, we all belong to the family of Christ.

What I’m not saying is that everyone we know is praying for each of us all the time. No. I can speak for myself– I’m horrible at remembering everyone that I need to pray for– and I’m working on getting a better way to remember everyone.

But I know that I have some strong prayer warriors in my life that are praying for me, and here lately I’ve felt prayers being answered in my heart that I’ve needed and waited for, for a long long time.  And I’m truly grateful!  And you know how you just know it’s because of someone(s) prayer, because they are the one(s) that know that part of your heart and that particular struggle?

I was just praying earlier and all of a sudden that all came to my heart,  and i couldn’t help but think how awesome God is that He put those people in my life to begin with!!

That He cares that much about us that He surrounds us with all kinds of brothers and sisters in Christ, and through each of us, He prays for His will to be accomplished.

It’s like “Really, I get to be a part of that, Father???”
Wow. How awesome that I, like every one of His children, am the object of my Father’s deep, deep affection… I mean, that’s love right there!

Take a moment to think of all those in your circles who pray fervently for you, those that He brought into your life at just the right time to break chains through prayer that you didn’t think you’d ever see the answer to…

Thank Him for putting them in your life, and bringing about the relationship that you have with each one of them, so that they can pray for you in ways that others don’t even know about or see.

Because He’s just sooo good like that!

Our Father is the only definition of love that we can compare anything against.

And maybe, we can work on adding a few people to our prayer list, those that we don’t think about enough and include enough.
Just a thought.

I’m grateful for my family in Christ… What a beautiful, beautiful thing! I love you all with the love of Christ in me.

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