Ran across this this evening as I was looking for something else…

written 2012-2013….not really sure, I think i was trying to write like a modern-day Psalm?

I stand in the battlefield

The world’s artillery ringing in my ears

The precious cross before me.

The dust and the smoke fill my eyes

But You are before me.

The shouts ring out all around me

But I will not move.

My eyes are fixed ahead-

On what lies before me.

On WHO stands with me.

It is You, Jesus—the bread of Life eternal.

It is Your Love I seek.

Though men aim to kill me,

Only You can save.

They try to trap me, they

Try to bribe my loyalty.

But who am I without You?

I fix my heart on You alone.

I fix my eyes on the cross

And the Precious Life You’ve given.

Help me, Jesus, not to falter.

Help me stand.

Help me win this war—

For it is You and You alone

Whom I love.

Let the enemies pass on by,

Let their voices disappear

In the Light of the Son.

May the aim of the wicked

Be turned against their ruler, and let them who

Slay me see the Son in all His Glory.

Let their hearts be forever changed,

Oh Lord! Help them to see their wicked ways and turn to You

For eternal Life.

Please, Father, help me stand against the oppressors, against

this world. Do not let me be

conformed, but let me stand

in Your presence.

Help me, Guide me, Teach me, and may Your Light shine through me. This is my prayer forever.

Help me to PRAISE Your Name

In the middle of the struggle.

No matter what friend or foe do,

Let me PRAISE you. Let me be an example

Of Your LOVE and COMPASSION to this world.

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